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Date: 2020-09-21

【Open House】

Academia Sinica Open House 2020—Activities Organized by the IHP

Time: October 31, 2020 (SATURDAY)
Organizers: Institute of History of Philology (IHP), Academia Sinica Centre for Digital Cultures (ASCDC)

Venue open to the public:

Museum of the Institute of History of Philology (MIHP) (9:00-16:30)
All visitors are required to fill out contact information at the entrance. Temperatures will be taken and visitors are required to wear a mask throughout the event. Access control will be implemented to regulate the number of people inside the exhibition. No guided tour will be provided on the day of the AS Open House.

Online lectures: AS Open House and open archives—Share your thoughts with us! Tune in on time (URL link to be made available asap)

Lecture I: “Let’s talk in the time of the pandemic” A Retrospective Look: Humanity VS. Pandemic in History(10:30~12:00)

Moderator: Che-chia Chang (Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History)
Guest speakers: Ping-yi Chu (IHP Research Fellow), Chung-lin Chiu (IHP Research Fellow), Yun-ju Chen (IHP Assistant Research Fellow)

Pathologist Folke Henschen once said, “The human history is also the history of diseases.” In the face of the still-raging pandemic, we more than ever are feeling duty-bound to look back on how our ancestors dealt with diseases. This upcoming activity will be streamed online to allow researchers to elucidate to the public on how the humanity at different points in history dealt with diseases, particularly those large-scale and highly-contagious pandemics. The objective is to provide people with a new perspective on how to brace oneself against the current pandemic situation.

Lecture II: “Let’s talk in the time of the pandemic” MIHP’s Digital Coping Strategies amid the Onslaught of the Pandemic(13:00~14:30)

Guest speakers: Ming-chorng Hwang (IHP Research Fellow), Li-chuan Tai (IHP Research Fellow), Cheng-Hsin Hsu (ASCDC Project Manager)

This sudden pandemic outbreak has disrupted virtually everything in our daily lives. Without exception, such uninvited interruption has also significantly impacted how museums are generally visited and experienced. Co-organized by the ASCDC and MIHP, this online streaming activity will invite Dr. Ming-chorng Hwang, IHP Research Fellow, Dr. Ming-chorng Hwang, MIHP Director, and Mr. Cheng-Hsin Hsu, Project Manager of the AS Open Museum, to look at how museums are coping amidst current social upheavals from the perspectives of researcher, concrete premises, and virtual museums. The speakers will be talking about how museums should respond to current social disruptions and how to employ digital technologies to enable constant public access to classic cultural artefacts and research results.

Lecture III: Appreciating The Story of the Stone through the Qing Archived Files (14:00-17:00) (Visit MIHP website for more information)

Speaker: Hui-min Lai (Research Fellow of the Institute of Modern History)

★ Digital Exhibition (Visit MIHP website for more information)

  1. Women in museums
  2. Unboxing MIHP!
  3. Eastern Zhou going virtual—Exhibition of Eastern Zhou artefacts unearthed in Henan (online VR event)
  4. Online special exhibition: MIHP and Open Museum
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