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Date: 2020-12-17


Exhibition: Daji Speaks

Exhibition Date: 2020/12/30~
Exhibition Room:Archaeology Introduce Space, Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica. 

About this Exhibition

Daji! She was the queen consort of King Zhou, who single-handedly led the Shang Dynasty to its ultimate demise.

When people talk about Daji, negative images such as “a hen crowing at daybreak,” “femme fatale,” and “a fox spirit” pop up in general consciousness. As if these are not sufficient enough to bring her down into disrepute, Daji has forever been blamed for Shang’s demise and for luring King Zhou into relentless carnal pleasures and depravity, which eventually resulted in the state’s terminal ruination. 

Wait a Minute! Was What Was Accounted about Daji and the Shang Dynasty Actually Happened?

However legitimate and orthodox the historians’ accounts, fictional creations, or even dramatic representations have established themselves to be, they all pale in comparison to Daji “traveling from antiquity to the present time” and clarifying in person tons and tons of misunderstandings. 

Daji Speaks

This exhibition is the brainchild of the Museum of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures, and “3D Projection Project of Shang Figure: Daji” work team sorting through archaeological materials and relevant research and employing innovative technologies such as virtual-space 3D polyhedron animation software, Cloud Speech API (cloud speech recognition system), human body infrared sensing, and VICON optical motion capture system. The team uses anime and manga elements and multimedia audio-visuals to represent Daji and restore the Shang Dynasty to its original state. Come and have a chat with Daji in person at the IHP Museum! You will learn about the Shang history as well as its society and culture up close and personal.

Website: http://museum.sinica.edu.tw/en/exhibitions/78/

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