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Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 1

Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 1
Author : Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Price : 180
Binding : Paperback
Publication Date : 2017/03
Type of Book : Bulletin of IHP

* Introduction

Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 1

Investigating and Analyzing the Craftsmanship in Producing Nephrite Adze-Chisels Unearthed in the Northern Section of the East Rift Valley: A Case Study on the Fengpingtsun Site Su-chiu Kuo

Decrees of the Former King”: A Re-interpretation and Discussion of the Qin Slips Collection in the Yuelu Academy

Wei Chen

Literacy and Education of the Beacon-Fire Station Commanders along the Han North-Western Frontiers: A Reconsideration on the Literacy of the Lower Strata of the Han Society

I-tien Hsing

Lin’an and the State Sacrificial Rituals of Southern Song China: 
An Analysis from the Perspective of Urban Spaces

Yi Zhu
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