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Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 2

Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 2
Author : Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Price : 180
Binding : Paperback
Publication Date : 2017/06
Type of Book : Bulletin of IHP

* Introduction

Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 2

Study on the Fragmented Manuscript of Maoshi and
Maoshi zhengyi Housed in the Tokyo National Museum
Sudong Cheng

The Theoretical Background, Development and Practice of the Four Auspicious Times during the Tang and Song Dynasties

Yu Wu

Revanchism and the Change of Foreign Policy
in Late Southern Song China

Cheng-hua Fang

Qing’s Contact with Badakhshan during the Qianlong Reign and the Establishment of Qing’s Diplomacy towards Central Asia

Zimu Ma
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