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The First Excavators of Anyang

The First Excavators of Anyang
Author : By Chang-ju Shih; Edited by Yung-ti Li, Chung-mei Feng, and Rui-mao Ding
Price : 600
Binding : Hardback
Publication Date : 2017/06
Type of Book : Archeology

* Introduction

Between Oct 13th 1928 and June 19th 1937, an excavation team from the Institute of History and Philology underwent 15 excavations in Anyang, Henan.  This book is a first-hand biographical writing by Chang-ju Shih on the people involved in these excavations.  The book also provides a clear illustration of the daily work scene back then.  This is a definite must-have if you are interested in knowing more about the excavation of Yin Xu.

Keywords:excavation of Yin Xu, biography, Anyang, Chang-ju Shih

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