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Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 3

Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 3
Author : Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Price : 180
Binding : Paperback
Publication Date : 2017/09
Type of Book : Bulletin of IHP

* Introduction

Bulletin of IHP Volume 88 Part 3

Changes in the Perception and Usage of “Os Draconis”

Yuan-peng Chen

Betel Nut and Buddhism: A Discussion Centered on Chinese Texts

Fu-shih Lin

“Essential Medicine for Women”:A Cultural History of Danggui in Traditional China

Jen-der Lee

From Human Being to Drug: Discourses on the Human Body and the Making of Human Drugs in the “Man Division” of Bencao Gangmu (1596)

Hsiu-fen Chen
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