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Bulletin of IHP Volume 89 Part 2

Bulletin of IHP Volume 89 Part 2
Author : Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Price : 300
Binding : paperback
Publication Date : 2018/06
Type of Book : Bulletin of IHP

* Introduction

Bulletin of IHP Volume 89 Part 2

A Technological Analysis of the Lithic Workshop in Tabuluk, Ren’ai Township

Chin-yung Chao

An Interpretation of( ) and the Different Root Sources of Lu ( )

Hongtao Liu

From Kin-Based Government to Bureaucratic Government: An Important Aspect of the Shang-Zhou Revolution

Ming-chorng Hwang

Both Order and Disorder during the Five Dynasties Were Caused by the Military: A Re-evaluation Based on Criticism and Praise of Military Men by Song Literati

Nap-yin Lau
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