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A Brief History of Anyang Archaeological Excavation

A Brief History of Anyang Archaeological Excavation
Author : Manuscript by Chang-ju Shih; Edited by Kuang-ti Li and Chung-mei Feng
Price : 500
Binding : hardback
Publication Date : 2019/08
Type of Book : Archeology

* Introduction

This book briefly chronicles the 15 excavations conducted by the Institute of History and Philology (IHP) in the Anyang regions from 1928 to 1937. It is a detailed record of each excavation process, as well as the conditions of important relics and unearthed artefacts. In addition, the book includes in the appendix three passages by Mr. Zhangru Shi on the Yinxu (Ruins of Yin) excavations. These are, firstly, “Group Sites and Work Stations,” which explains the selection and setup of the sites and stations in the 15 excavations. Secondly, “Zone Divisions and Opening Pits” examines the conditions of how the zones were divided and pits dug. Lastly, “Hurdles and Poaching” describes the obstacles encountered during the 15 excavations. In all, this short chronology will enable readers to more comprehensively understand the conditions and processes of the IHP’s Anyang excavations.

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