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84 Issue: Volume 84
Date: 2013


The Fen-qi Phenomena in Western Zhou Tombs Observed in Archaeological Discoveries and Types and Stages of Ritual System during the Western Zhou Period, Part Two Ming-chorng Hwang
Rebuilding Chinese Ethics: Reforms to Marriage and Funeral Customs during the Reign of Hongwu Jia Zhang
The Operation of the Li-Chia System on the Jiang-Han Plain and Reforms during the Ming-Qing Period Xiqi Lu and Bin Xu


A Study of the Dunhuang Manuscripts Yuanming-lun and Amala-vijñāna: Insights from the Fu Ssu-nien Collection’s Text No. 188106 Ching Ping Huang
Local Daoism of the Song Dynasty (960-1279): Guangdong Daoist Temples, Altars and Monasteries Chi Tim Lai
The Principle of Heaven at Work in the Adjudication of the Southern Song Nap-yin Lau
From Zikawei Museum to Heude Museum: The Natural History Research of French Jesuits in Modern China Li-chuan Tai


Thunder Worship on the Lingnan Coastal Region from the Tang Dynasty to the Song: A Discussion Based on Fang Qianli’s Tou huang zalu Chengwen Wang
The Diverse Roles of Non-conscript Members of Ming Military Households Chih-chia Yue
The Twelve Cycles in the Preface to the Mingyi daifang lu Fan-sen Wang
A Study on the Size of Beiyang Coastal Defense Expenditures (1875-1894) Xian-song Chen


A Study of Carved Bone Objects Excavated at the Yinxu Tomb HPKM1001 Junko Uchida
On “Ode to the Phoenix Tree” in the Chu Bamboo Slips of the Warring States Collected by the Shanghai Museum (Vol. 8) Hsu-Sheng Chi
Enlightening the Deluded and Awakening the Bewildered: Christianity and the Term Mixin in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century China Pingyi Chu
On the Selection Criteria of the Qianlong Biographies of Twice-Serving Ministers Wing-ming Chan

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