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82 Issue: Volume 82
Date: 2011


The Original Purpose and Legal Foundation for the Eastern Han Criminal Cemetery Unearthed in the Southern Suburb of Luoyang: A Study Starting with a Tang Statute Appended to the Ming Dynasty Manuscripts of the Tiansheng Prison Officer Statutes Xudong Hou
Hiring Soldiers to Protect the People: Song Dynasty Arguments Justifying the Use of Mercenary Armies Cheng-Hua Fang
Changes in Land Apportionment Practices in the Mongol Empire Before and After the Reign of the Great Qan Mönke Yi-hao Qiu
The Social Participation of the “Memsahibs” in Late-Qing China: The Shanghai Natural Feet Society (1895-1906) Yen-Wei Miao


A Preliminary Research of Copper-Based Artifacts and Related Remains Discovered in the Taiwan Area Kwang-tzuu Chen
Buddhist Funerary Temples, Penitential Rites, and the Cult of the Dead in Tang-Song China Shu-fen Liu
Locality and Trans-locality: Understanding the Negotiation and Competition between Suzhou Local Culture and Neo-Confucianism Based on the Discourse and Practice of the “Ziyou Heritage” Cho-ying Li


Ancient Cosmology from an Archaeological Perspective: Deciphering the No. 1 Tomb of the Spring and Autumn Period at Shuangdun Village in Bengbu City, Anhui Province Shi Feng
Conflict and Reform in Local Government Administrative Practices and Central Government Institutions: The Emergence of the Minjie in Shuangchengpu during the Late Qing Dynasty Yu-Xue Ren, James Lee, and Cameron Campbell
British Military Medicine in the Second Anglo-Chinese War Shang-Jen Li


A Discussion of Instances in which the Character “亦” in Oracle Bone Inscriptions Should be Read as “夜 (Night)” with a Related Discussion of Nighttime Activities in the Shang Dynasty Zong-kun Li
Han Dynasty Wooden Slips Containing Official Documents and the Problems of Original Versions, Copies, Drafts, and Signatures I-tien Hsing
A Chronology of Wang Mingsheng’s Life and Scholarship, Part One Hung-sen Chen

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