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81 Issue: Volume 81
Date: 2010


Salient Aspects of the Civil Service Examinations in Yuan China: A Reappraisal Ch’i-ch’ing Hsiao
Ding Wenjiang during His Term as Director-General of Greater Shanghai in 1926 Hon-wai Ho
A Study of the No. 7 Structural Foundations of the Second Building Cluster at Yinxu Jinpeng Du
Problems in Sino-Tibetan Comparative Philology Hwang-cherng Gong


From Xia Wenyan to Sesshu: The Precious Mirror of Painting and the Shaping of Historical Knowledge of Landscape Painting in East Asia in the 14th and 15th Centuries Shou-Chien Shih
Types of Elite Families in the Ming Prefecture of Sung China Nap-yin Lau
The Chronological Background of Zheng Xuan’s Annotations to “Zhoushu” and “Binfeng” with an Accompanying Discussion of the Problems of His Veneration for Zhouli and of New and Old Text Classification Jiyi Gao
A Discussion of Yishu Style Yi Studies Prevailing in the Lower Yangtze Regions during the Late Six Dynasties Period: Focusing on the Jiang Zhouyi Shulunjia Yiji Old Manuscript Preserved in Japan’s Kōfukuji Temple Ling Tong


The Influence of Yi from the Translated Buddhist Texts on the Rise of the Chinese Verb Suffix Le: The Impact of Language Contact on Grammatical Changes Cheng-hui Liu
Stone Funerary Couches of the Late Northern Dynasties Period: Rethinking the Funerary Culture of the Sogdians in China Sheng-chih Lin
An Interpretation of Gao Pian’s Construction of the An’nan Tianweiyao Canal During the Late Tang Period: Discussion of the “Inscription of the Tianweiyao Tablet” Composed by Pei Xing Chengwen Wang
Late Qing Encyclopedists: Establishing a New Enterprise Hsiao-t’i Li


Between Sleep and Dreams: Perceptions of “Dreaming Sex with Demons” and Female Sexual Frustration in Pre-modern Chinese Medicine Hsiu-fen Chen
Interpretations of Yuan Dynasty Source Materials: Imperial Titles Chin-fu Hung
The Spread of European Artillery along the Southeast Coast of China and its Influence during the Ming-Qing Transition Yi-Long Huang
Southern Zhejiang Rural Industry and Markets during the Qing Dynasty: Evidence Derived from the Iron Smelting Industry in Shicang Village Shuji Cao and Qin Jiang

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