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86 Issue: Volume 86
Date: 2015


From “Steles for Departed Officials” to “Records of Speech and Conduct”: Laudatory Texts of Official Performance in Yuan Literati Culture Wenyi Chen
Power Reconstruction: New Exploration on the Rise of Hongtaiji Tsewang Rabtan in Dzungaria Jian Zhang
The Development of Territorial Monetary System in Colonial Hong Kong: An Analysis of the Struggle over Silver Subsidiary Coins, 1883-1919 Hon-wai Ho


The Interpretation of Literature and Cognition of the Noumenon of Laws in the Qin and Han Dynasties Shihong Xu
The Evolution towards a Legal System of Conciseness during the Han and Jin Periods Shufeng Han
An Analysis on the Materials used for Reconstructing Tang Statutes: Discrimination between Statutes and Ordinances in the Tang Dynasty Jing Zhao
A Re-Examination of the Ban on Witchcraft during the Song Dynasty from the Perspective of Legislature Nap-yin Lau
The Administration of Trial in Local Governments of the Qing Dynasty: An Examination of the Tan-hsin Archives Tay-sheng Wang, Wen-liang Tseng and Chun-ying Wu


The Symbolic Expansion of the Meaning and Function of the Rites of Confucian Temples in Imperial China Chin-shing Huang
Arranging Order and Other Related Issues in the Chu Slips “Chengong zhibing” Chin-yen Lin
Literary Men and Canonical Scholarship in Mid- and Late Tang China Jo-shui Chen
Wild Boars and Domestic Pigs in Prehistoric Southern Taiwan: Some Point of Views on Domestic Pigs as a Verification Mark to the Migration and Dispersal of Austronesian Speaking People Kuang-ti Li, Kuan-yi Li, Yu-ten Ju, and Cheng-hwa Tsang


The Arhat Cult and Its Rituals during the Song Dynasty: With an Analysis of the “Five Hundred Arhats Paintings” at Kyoto’s Daitokuji Shu-fen Liu
From Zhu Zhenheng to the Danxi School: A Social History of the Confucian Physician and Medical School in Late Imperial China Xueqian Zhang
The Living Shrines for Departed Officials and the Local Society of Jiaxing Prefecture in the Late Ming Dynasty Shu-yi Ho
The Development of Tibetan Monasteries in Amdo and the Mongolian Factors during Ming-Qing Dynasties: Study on Tibetan Monks in the Manchu-Mongolian Routine Memorials of Lifanyuan Ling-Wei Kung

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