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87 Issue: Volume 87
Date: 2016


Aristocratic Daughters and Family Pride in the Tang Dynasty: A Study over the Epitaph of Chen Zhao Ya-ju Cheng
Background and Aftermath of Fakhr al-Dīn Ṭībī’s Voyage: A Resurvey of the Interaction between the Ilkhanate and the Yuan around 1298 AD Yihao Qiu
Military Households in Genealogies: Households, Household Registration and Lineage Formation during the Ming Dynasty Chih-chia Yue
Orchid Enthusiasts, Orchid Shows and Orchid Thieves: Orchid Appreciation and Its Diversified Development in Jiangsu and Zhejiang during the Qing Dynasty Chung-lin Ch’iu


On the Wrong Compilation of and the Differences between the “Old Text” and “New Text” Version of the “Wu yi” Chapter of Shang Shu Wanli Yu
On the Calendars in the Mawangdui Xingde and Yinyang Wuxing: Centered on the Yinyang Wuxing B Shaoxuan Cheng
Publication of Jinshenlu in the Qing Dynasty and Its Quarterly Submission for Imperial Review Cheng-yun Liu
Philology and the Institute of History and Philology at Academia Sinica: Chen Yinke, Fu Ssu-nien, and “Dongfang Xue” in Republican China Ku-ming (Kevin) Chang


Division of Power: An Analysis of the Qin Commandery System (jun) Based on the Bamboo Slips Yifei You
On the Grounds and Implications of the Worship of Past Emperors in Medieval China Yifang Liao
Cargo Flow and Long-Distance Trade of the Guangxi Horse Trade in the Southern Song Dynasty Jianmin Ren
Analysis of the “Stele for Sangha’s Assistance to the Emperor (fuzhengbei) Incident”: A Case Study of the Bureaucratic Career of Zhang Zhihan Haiming Mao


A Military/Geographical Analysis of Bronze Inscriptions on the Jinhou Su Bianzhong: A Research Centered on the Zuobo Ding and the City of Hun Ji-ping Zhu
A Text Analysis of the Second Essay in the Juzhiwangtianxia Chapter of the Shanghai Museum Corpus Vol. 9 Chin-yen Lin
Crossing the Boundary: Tseng Kuo-fan and the Financing of His Xiang Army Zenghe Liu
The Charges for Services at Mission Hospitals in Modern China and Their Concept of Philanthropy Cheng Hu

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