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88 Issue: Volume 88
Date: 2017


Investigating and Analyzing the Craftsmanship in Producing Nephrite Adze-Chisels Unearthed in the Northern Section of the East Rift Valley: A Case Study on the Fengpingtsun Site Su-chiu Kuo
“Decrees of the Former King”: A Re-interpretation and Discussion of the Qin Slips Collection in the Yuelu Academy Wei Chen
Literacy and Education of the Beacon-Fire Station Commanders along the Han North-Western Frontiers: A Reconsideration on the Literacy of the Lower Strata of the Han Society I-tien Hsing
Lin’an and the State Sacrificial Rituals of Southern Song China: An Analysis from the Perspective of Urban Spaces Yi Zhu


Study on the Fragmented Manuscript of Maoshi and Maoshi zhengyi Housed in the Tokyo National Museum Sudong Cheng
The Theoretical Background, Development and Practice of the Four Auspicious Times during the Tang and Song Dynasties Yu Wu
Revanchism and the Change of Foreign Policy in Late Southern Song China Cheng-hua Fang
Qing’s Contact with Badakhshan during the Qianlong Reign and the Establishment of Qing’s Diplomacy towards Central Asia Zimu Ma


Changes in the Perception and Usage of “Os Draconis” Yuan-peng Chen
Betel Nut and Buddhism: A Discussion Centered on Chinese Texts Fu-shih Lin
“Essential Medicine for Women”:A Cultural History of Danggui in Traditional China Jen-der Lee
From Human Being to Drug: Discourses on the Human Body and the Making of Human Drugs in the “Man Division” of Bencao Gangmu (1596) Hsiu-fen Chen


Further Discussion of the Arrangement of Bamboo and Wooden Slips, and the Writing Posture and Personal Habits of Scribes: Lateral Ink Lines on the Juyan Han Slips at Academia Sinica’s IHP Sheng-shiuan Shih
A Study on the City-God Temples Built Outside of the City Walls Chuan-yong Zhang
Temples for Smallpox Gods and Belief in Smallpox Gods from the Ming Dynasty to the Republican Era Chung-lin Chiu
From Despotism to Oriental Despotism: British Colonialism and the Origins of Oriental Despotism in the Eighteenth Century Jeng-Guo S. Chen

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