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90 Issue: Volume 90
Date: 2019


Rethinking the Institutions of “Empress” and “Empress-Mother” in the Northern Wei Ya-ju Cheng
A New Exploration of the Sutra Translation System in the Song Dynasty: Centering on Three Buddhist Sutra Records Guodong Feng
The Grand Banquet of the Heavenly Kingdom: Re(-dis)covering the Hidden Seating Chart for the Imperial Banquet at the Hall of Supreme Harmony Hsi-yuan Chen


Marriage and Adultery under the Legal Codes of Qin and Han Hsin-ning Liu
On Song Taizong’s Legal Accomplishments and the Predicaments of Rule by Law: Starting with the “Treatise on Criminal Law” in the History of Song Jing Zhao
The Evolution of Governmentality in Taiwan from the Qing Dynasty to the Japanese Colonial Period: An Analysis of Local Legal-Social History Focusing on Capital Punishment Wenkai Lin


Deciphering Chinese Character Tai (a Type of Slave) in the Unearthed Documents Zhongbing Zhou
Rules and Exceptions: The Purge of Buddhist Monasteries and Monastics in the Enemy-occupied Territories during the Later Years of Wude Period Meng Li
From Vision Correction to Trade Wars: A History of Material Culture of Eyeglasses from the Ming Dynasty onwards Chung-lin Chiu


Cultural Manifestation and Distribution Boundary of Pubian Shell-Midden Site on Quemoy Island Wei-chun Chen
Revelation of Several Groups of Songs and Dances of the Shang Dynasty: Starting with the Oracle-Bone Inscriptions “Wu Tang” Ziyang Wang
The Heaven-and-Earth Model in Early Western Han Dynasty: Highlighting the Mawangdui Silk Texts Digang Graph and Kanyu Ru-Xuan Huang

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