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第 23 期 Issue: 23 period
Date: 2011/12

Along New Pathways of Research
WANG Fan-sen

Two Historians’ Interpretations and Concern for their Times: The Thought and Scholarship of Chen Yuan and Chen Yin-ke

WANG Shimin

Xia Nai and the Institute of History and Philology: A Review of Relevant Materials in Xia Nai’s Diary

WANG Binghua

Archaeological Surveys along the Lop Nur and Loulan-Shanshan History

SHEN Weirong

Dacheng yaodao miji and Studies in Tibetan Buddhist History of the Tangut Xia, Mongol Yuan and Ming Dynasties

PENG Guoxiang

On the Newly Discovered Lixue Lu by Jiang Xizhe

LI Zong-kun

A Preliminary Investigation of Niu Yunzhen’s Commentary on the Analects and Informal Notes on the Analects

LEE Jen-der

Diseases, Medicine and Culture in While it is Day: Lillian Dickson’s Taiwan

Research Notes
DU Jiaji

Questions Concerning the Time at which the Early Qing Dynasty Imperial Household Department was Established

Historical Materials
LIU Cheng-yun

An Introduction to A Compilation of Historical Materials About Taiwan from the Grand Secretariat Archives Held at the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

Master-disciple and Collegial Transmission
FU Wanli

Bronze Rubbing and Seal Cutting Master Zhou Xidin and My Late Father Fu Dayou

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