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第 24 期 Issue: 24 period
Date: 2013/06

Along New Pathways of Research
KU Wei-ying

The Single-mindedness to Complete Enduring Historiographical Works: On the Historical Thought of Professor TU Wei-yun

Research Notes
HUNG Chin-fu

Bu Pa Na Sheme: Issues Related to the Yuan Dynasty Translation of Mongolian to Chinese

CHEN Kuo-tung The Bankruptcy of the Canton Hong Merchant Shy Kinqua: A Study Using British East India Company Records and Qing Palace Memorials
CHANG Chihyun, HOU Yen-po & FAN I-chun

Key Historical Sources for Understanding the Interaction between China and the West: On the Compilation and Circulation of the Complete Account of the Management of Barbaric Affairs

In Celebration of the Fu Ssu-nien Library’s 50th A
TANG Man-yuan

Calligraphy and Artwork from Wang Jingwei’s Study in the Fu Ssu-nien Library’s Collections

LIAO Shu-mei

 “Comrades” in Archeology: Enduring Friendships in the Kao Series of the IHP Archives

SYU Man-hong

A Preliminary Investigation of Editions of Banqiao Zaji in the Fu Ssu-nien Library’s Rare Book Collections

CHANG Chia-jung

A Study of Epistolary Documents in the Fu Ssu-nien Library’s Rare Book Collections

In Memoriam
HO Hon-wai

A Postscript for Professor Ping-ti Ho’s Posthumous Publication Studies in Chinese Intellectual and Institutional History

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