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第 25 期 Issue: 25 period
Date: 2013/11

Research Notes
TU Cheng-sheng

Twenty Years of Research on the Alternative History of Medicine: The Taiwanese Experience of Dialogue between Historians and Physicians

TOH Hoong Teik

On the Xiongnu Words “Bidek” and “Pidek”

TSANG Cheng-hwa

Oracle Bones and Public Archaeology

Historical Materials
TANG Man-yuan

Singing the News and Chanting Recent Events: Listening to the Stories of the 1932 Battle of Shanghai

ZHANG Zhongwei

Interpreting Stele Rubbings of the Qin and Han Dynasties in Chicago’s Field Museum

WANG Fan-sen

Some Reflections on Book Burning and Anti-Printing Sentiment in Late Imperial China

TAI Li-chuan

Cosmopolitanism and Transnationalism in the Early Development of Chinese Geology and Prehistory Studies: An Analysis Based on a Menu Card Sent by Teilhard de Chardin to France

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