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第 26 期 Issue: 26 period
Date: 2014/07

WANG Jinchao and WANG Wei

A Case of Experimental Archaeology: Reconstruction of Ancient Chinese Hollowed-out Bronzes in Clay Mould Casting Technique

TSAO De-qi

Replication and Appropriation of Paradigm – A Preliminary Study on the Stele of King Wen of Northern Zhou Dynasty and the Stele of the Ritual Place for the Three Teachings from the Tang Dynasty

HUNG Chin-fu

Preface to the Punctuation Edition of the Yuan Dianzhang (Compendium of Statutes of the Yuan Dynasty)

Research Notes
Michael Witzel,   ZHANG Yuan (trans.)

Philology in the 19th and 20th Centuries, with Special Reference to Indology

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