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第 28 期 Issue: 28 period
Date: 2015/12

Research on Han Wooden Slips
SHIH Sheng-shiuan, KAO Chen-huan, LIU Hsiao-yun Rejoining of Juyan Wooden Slip 303.12 and Related Fragmentary Slips
Study Group on Han Wooden Slips New Findings from IHP’s Han Wooden Slips from Eden-gol (2013.3-2014.7)
SHEN Yaming C. C. Shen (Shen Zhong-Zhang) and Juyan Wooden Slips in Peking
Historical Materials
YANG Cheng-hsien Collection of Poetry and Literary Works of Wang Hua
DONG Shaoxin (trans. with annotation) To the Jesuit Fathers from Gabriel de Magalhães, Ludovicus Buglio, and Ferdinand Verbiest, Jan. 2nd, 1669
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