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第 29 期 Issue: 29 period
Date: 2016/12

Along New Pathways of Research
YU Ying-shih Exploring Chien Mu’s “An Outline of Chinese History”: From Internal Structure to External Impact
TU Cheng-sheng Between Post-Modernity and Pre-Modernity: The Transition of My Historical Thinking as A Mirror to Taiwan’s Historiography
LI Jen-kuei, LI Peter Revisiting Fang Kuei Li’s Linguistic Field Work Sites with Minority Languages in Southwest China
Historical Materials
SHIH Sheng-shiuan, YEN Shih-hsuan Latest Work on the Conjugation of the Juyan Bamboo Slips (I)
LIU Hsin-ning A Paramount of Japanese Research on Han Wooden Slips: Stories behind A Lexicon of Han Wooden Slips
TANG Man-yuan A Note on “Unseal the Seal: A Special Exhibition of Seals on the Ancient Books of Fu Ssu-nien Library”
LIU Cheng-yun An Introduction to Unpublished Manuscripts of Shi Bu Collections at the Fu Ssu-nien Library
Research Notes
HUA Yih-fen New Ways of Historiographical Thinking that Go beyond Traditional Gender Ideologies: How Swedish Historical Museum Does It?
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