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第 30 期 Issue: 30 period
Date: 2017/12

Historical Materials
CHIU Chung-lin

An Introduction to Unpublished Manuscripts of Fang Zhi Collections at the Fu Ssu-nien Library

TANG Man-yuan

Collection of Folk Literature in the Fu Ssu-nien Library

MAYANAGI Makoto, GUO Xiumei (trans.) Number of Medical Publications in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, Their Contents and the Socio-Economic Backgrounds

A Preliminary Study on the Ideologies and Political Activities of Kang Youwei and the Fallacy of His Kaozheng Xue

TSENG Kuan-hsiung

Fine Arts and Merchandise: A Study of Xing Lin Cheng Lu Tu

SHEN Yaming Segments from C. C. Shen’s Recollections about Sven Hedin: Lending Archaeological Collections to Sweden
LIANG Jianong

Modern Chinese Scholars Depicted in The Diary of Xia Nai: Chen Yinke, Fu Ssu-nien, Guo Moruo, Chen Mengjia and Chang Kwang-chih

Book Review
HE Yuexin

Review of The Hsiao-T’un: Sui-Tang Dynasty Burials by Shih Chang-ju

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