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第 32 期 Issue: 32 period
Date: 2019/06

ZHAO Qi Three Reading Notes on the Legends of the Origin and the Early History of the Mongols
WU Kuo-sheng Dai Ön teüke šastir-un jasaγci: A Foreword to the Catalogue of Dr. Hung Chin-fu's Academic Publications
Scholarship & Intellectual Trends
TU Cheng-sheng

The Manifestation and Intrinsicality of History Anatomised in the Fundamental Spirit of Empirical Discipline


Comment on the Research on Oriental Legal History by Kenkichi Naitō

CHEN Chao-jung, CHANG Chao-wei

A Glorious Transaction of Bronze Wares—the Entire Process of Purchase and Storage of Shanzhai Bronze Wares by the National Central Museum (I)

Interpretation and Comments of Ancient Texts
GUO Yongbing

Several Notes on Collection of the Bronze Inscriptions excavated in Shaanxi Province

Study Group on Xu Gao Seng Chuan

Interpretation and Comments on Xu Gao Seng Chuan (II)

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