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1. The journal was initially issued in 2000 and published one volume in a year. But, in 2004, it was changed into publishing two volumes in a year---respectively issued in June and in December. Welcome domestic and foreign scholars to submit articles; and the submitting deadlines are respectively on March 31 and on September 30.

2. The journal is a specialized one in the studies of legal history.

3. Basically, contributed articles are in Chinese, but if written in foreign languages, please kindly enclose a Chinese abstract. And, if articles are translated, please enclose original texts, the noting of origins plus notes and analytical discussion and the length of article similar to that of Chinese articles.

Please not mail us the articles which have been publicized. And, if articles already-publicized in other languages or in different forms, please kindly inform us and mail us an enclosure of its original article.

4.  Please kindly follow the writing format of this journal with the enclosure of two titles both in Chinese and in English. And, if articles with the character of argumentation, please add the enclosure of Chinese and English key words, and the Chinese and English abstracts about 500 words. Footnotes are necessary, and references and the table of contents are also enclosed. And, if the submitted is a book review reviewing a Chinese book, please enclose the English translation of the author’s name and book title.

5. All submitted articles should be typed from left by computer, or written by using 600-word draft paper. That the length of Chinese articles is about 20,000 words is suitable. And, if written in foreign languages, 15 to 30-page manuscripts are suitable.

Other kinds of Chinese manuscripts are expected to be within 10,000 words; and written in foreign languages, within 15 pages.

6. All submitted articles are initially reviewed by the editing committee of the journal (just a formality), and then passed to two professional scholars to do further review. After receiving the comments given by scholars, the editing committee will discuss whether to adopt the submitted article.

The names of authors and reviewing scholars are kept strictly confidential, and authors will be soon informed about the reviewing results.

The articles which are not adopted will not be returned to authors; therefore, original manuscripts should well be kept by authors themselves.

7. We are not responsible for the issue of copy rights in the submitted articles, including figures, tables and long citations. And, if necessary, authors need to obtain the previous consents given by the owners of copy rights.

8. The journal is a purely academic one; therefore, we basically do not pay any fees to the authors of a published article. Instead, we present the author with 20 offprints article and 2 volumes in which the author’s article is.

9. The journal is compiled by computer; therefore, all submitted articles should be accompanied with a CD-ROM together by using Ms-Word 7.0, or newer edition, or other pure character files. Try to avoid using special types of characters, or adopting very complicated, hard-controlled software. Please kindly write down the name of used software and edition number.

10. The true Chinese and English names, highest degree obtained, English and Chinese titles of working organization, postal address, telephone number, FAX number or e-mail and the like are enclosed in your submitted article.

Addressee: Editing Department Studies of Legal System P.O. BOX 7-333, Taipei, 10699, TAIWAN
E-mail: legal99history@gmail.com

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