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Standard prices per each volume-year (two issues):

$45 per yr. for individuals (80%for two yrs.)
$30 per yr. for students (to academic address) (no 2-yr. discount) 
$115 per yr. for institutions and libraries (no 2-yr. discount)

Standard pricing includes shipping for domestic orders; for all orders outside U.S. or Canada, add $4 per volume-yr. All drafts and checks must be in U.S. funds.

Subscribers may order by mail to "Asia Major, P.O. Box 465, Hanover, Penns., 17331, USA," or by phone at Tel.717-632-3535, or via E-mail at pubsvc.tsp@sheridan.com. VISA and MasterCard as well as American Express payments are accepted. Payments by checks must be payable to "The Sheridan Press".

Asia Major back stocks and special series

Back issues of the Third Series (published since 1988) are $20 each, plus $4 for shipping per order. For all back books at once, deduct %20. As of now, there are 16 back books: vols. 1-8, two parts each. Back issues of the older series (London, 1949-75) are also available.


Back Issues of the 1949-75 Series (called New Series)

  • $20 each regular issue/ $30 for Waley Memorial book to current subscribers
  • $25 each regular issue/ $40 for Waley Memorial book to non-subscribers
  • Discount for large orders (see below)

There is a minimum of four books per order (the Waley volume counts as two). Please refer to the following explanation of our remaining stock to order these spot items.

There were 37 separate books produced in New Series, including the hard-cover Waley Memorial special issue. (For various reasons Vol. 4, part 2, was never published; and vol. 7 combined parts 1 and 2 in one binding.)

We have ample stock of the following numbers:
1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 7.1-2,17.2,19.1, and the Waley hard-bound issue (which counts as two items towards minimum).

We have only a few copies of the following:
5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8.2, 9.1, 9.2, 10.1, 11.1, 15.1, 17.1

All other issues of New Series are no longer available from us. We cannot guarantee that your choice of a New Series back issue will be in stock; please, as requested below, state one or two alternative titles that we can fill in case of a depletion.

  • state exactly which volume, part, and year (to avoid any mistakes), and also the total number being ordered.
  • supply one or two alternatives that we can fill in case of a depleted stock.
  • for 4-7 items, add $8.00 handling and shipping domestic surface (incl. Canada); or $14 for overseas shipment.


  • for 8 or more items, subscribers pay $16 per regular issue/non-subscribers pay $18. Then add $12 for domestic surface (incl. Canada), or $16 for overseas.
  • add 6% sales tax if you are a resident of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • any order not properly prepaid, in U.S. funds (check, or credit card), or which cannot be filled because of stock depletions, will not be processed.
  • we do not guarantee receipt of books sooner than about 10 or 12 weeks, since these are in dead storage and cannot be retrieved on demand. Thanks for your cooperation.

To order the entire run of New Series, or the reprinted run of the original series published in Germany, inquire at:

Schmidt Periodicals
Att: Asia Major back issues
Dettendorf - Römerring 12
D-83075 Bad Feilnbach
E-mail: schmidt@periodicals.com


Periodicals Service Co.
11 Main St.
Germantown, N.Y. 12526 USA
Phone: 518-537-4700
Fax: 518-537-5899

Website: www.periodicals.com

Back Issues of the Current Series, 1988- (Third Series)

  • $14 each for current subscribers
  • $20 each for non-subscribers
  • Discount for large orders (see below)

No minimum is required. No alternative titles need be stated. Currently 16 titles exist in back stock: vols. 1-8, two parts each.

  • state exactly which vol., part, and year (to avoid any mistakes), and total number being ordered.
  • add 6% sales tax if you are a resident of Pennsylvania (U.S.A.)
  • any order not properly prepaid, in U.S. funds (check, or credit card), will not be processed.
  • 20% discount to subscribers and nonsubscribers for entire back set
  • add $4 for domestic (plus Canada) surface order/ $8 for overseas order
  • these books are in live storage, and will be processed when order is received; expect receipt in about 3-4 weeks (overseas longer).

The Third Series is handled only through Asia Major. For purchasing from us, see instructions regarding distribution.

Copies of Complete Set of Offprints in Our Law Symposium

This contains six offprints. See details and contents about Asia Major Symposium on Traditional Chinese Law.

  • $8.50 for current subscriber
  • $16.50 for non-subscribers
  • add $2 domestic (and Canada) shipping/ $5 for overseas.
  • orders must be prepaid.

Asia Major Symposium on Traditional Chinese Law

In recent issues Asia Major has published overviews and interpretations of important features of law in traditional China, ranging from the T'ang to the Ming dynasty. These six articles, by acknowledged leaders in a burgeoning field of Chinese Studies, are available as a special series.

Read Shiga Shuzo on the basic forms of traditional law codes, Herbert Franke on Khitan law, the late Paul Ratchnevsky on Mongolian law, J. Langlois and Edward Farmer on the Ming, and W. Johnson on T'ang criminal trial procedures.

The Asia Major Law Symposium series (6 articles).........................$1050

Subscribe to Asia Major, and you may request the series for only ....$8.50

(include shipping and handling; please add $2 for Canada, and $5 for overseas).
One-year subscriptions for $45; two-year for $75.

All orders must be prepaid.

Send checks (in U.S.$ only) payable to "Asia Major" to:

Asia Major P.O. Box 465
Hanover, Penn 17331

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