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 Archaeometry Laboratory

1) Geoarchaeology Laboratory
This lab employs geological and palynological methods to analyze artifacts and soil samples collected at archaeological sites. The physical attributes, structure, and composition of artifacts and deposit materials are examined to acquire information related the use of natural resources by ancient peoples, ancient craftsmanship and technology, and contact and exchange between groups of people, as well as to reconstruct the ways of life of ancient peoples. The lab is equipped with an x-ray powder diffractometer, polarizing microscope, stereoscopic microscopes, section-polishing machine, a micro-hardness tester, and other devices. Other facilities for geoarchaeological analysis are also available on the Academia Sinica campus.

2) Zooarchaeology Laboratory
The study of organic remains is an essential component of archaeological research. Currently, the main goals of the Zooarchaeology Lab are the identification of faunal remains and the analysis of prehistoric environments. Reference collections of skeletal remains of mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes, as well as the shells of mollusks are stored in the lab for comparison and identification. A microscope and image analysis system are also available for conducting growth line studies.

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