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The Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences Index of CD and Online Databases Contains multiple databases purchased by the Fu Ssu-nien Library, such as:
China Journal Full-text Databases (law and politics)
Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS)
Web of Science
IHP Digital Archives Online The IHP Digital Archives Online incorporates the 12 digital databases established by the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica throughout the years, including that on archeological data, Han dynasty wooden slips, metal and stone rubbings, rare books, seals, minorities in the Chinese southwest, and archives from the Grand Secretariat. Users may now conduct in-breadth cross-database research, allowing searches to be done faster and much more easily.
Archaeodata The archaeological data in this database is primarily the result of the efforts of the archaeological excavations since IHP was founded in 1928. According to their archaeological context, the system has divided into three main sub-databases: archaeological sites, archaeological features , and artifacts. All the digitized field notes and photos are accessible and invaluable to Taiwanese and foreign research on Shang, Zhou, Anyang, and Yinxu archaeology, other various aspects of ancient Chinese history, as well as Taiwanese archaeology and prehistory.
Database of the Han Dynasty Wooden Slips Collected in the Institute of History and Philology This is a complete digital presentation of all the Han wooden slips collected in the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, with a majority of them being the Han Wooden Slips from Eden-Gol. These slips unearthed in the border outpost of the Han dynasty are a direct and vivid record of the military, legal systems, educational practices, economy, religious beliefs, and daily life of the local military personnel and civilians from the middle and late Western Han to the early Eastern Han. They are such valuable of cultural wealth.
The Taiwanese Song Dynasty Research Webpage Contains information about scholars in Taiwan who conduct research on the Song Dynasty, as well as related events, publications, and research data.
Database of Names and Biographies This database collected and organized biographies that appeared in various archives, historical records, literary works, chorographies and other secondary sources, providing a one-stop service to the basic personal data and curriculum vitae of prominent historical figures. Users therefore can quickly understand the life of these historical figures and the roles they played in major historical events.
Database of Place Names in Imperial China This database provides information on the evolution in administrative regions in China and Taiwan, and the information may be retrieved either by inputting the place name, looking through the different maps or inputting the coordinates. Information such as the standard and conventional names of the administrative regions, their administrative jurisdictions, and their coordinates are all well listed. It is also equipped with functions like locating these administrative regions on Google Maps and historical maps.
Database of Qing Official Titles This database is built upon archives, official histories, collected statutes, official bureaucratic registers and other historical documents to provide information including the different central and local offices and agencies and their specific titles in the Qing dynasty, as well as their duties, line-of-command, conventional names, ranks and many others. Search can be done through multiple ways, allowing users great freedom when conducting their research.
※Some databases and indexes have restrictions on access. For questions about access and terms of use, please contact Ms. Chien Fan-wen (ext. 642). ※Databases with access restricted to Academia Sinica have been moved to the internal section of the IHP’s website.
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