IHP Databases
The Fu ssu-nien Library Index of IHP Administrative Papers A continually updated bibliographic index of IHP administrative papers since the founding of the institute.
The IHP Index of Researcher’s Publications
The Images and Artifacts Research Center Database Contains bibliographic indexes for and images of the Juyan bamboo slips and silk and bronze texts as well as Han dynasty wall carvings, the Wu family temple wall carvings, and the Anqiu Dongjiazhuang Han dynasty tomb wall carvings.
The Huangdi Neijing Research Database A bibliographic database of research related to the Huangdi Neijing.
The IHP Tang, Song, Ming, Qing Research Bibliographic Index A bibliographic index of research about Tang, Song, Ming, and Qing history compiled by IHP scholars.
The Huizhou Legal Document Database Ming, Qing, and Republican Era legal documents reproduced by the Institute of History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences including land sale and rental contracts, and other documents related to tax collection, clan law, local law, etc.  (Access restricted to the IHP.)
The History of Health and Healing Research Center Database Contains multiple bibliographic indexes: rare editions of medical texts, books and journals in the Research Center’s library, and an index of medicine-related texts and research maintained by Kyoto University.
The Database of Grand Secretariat Archives Created by the Grand Secretariat Archives Project.
Navigating System of Traditional Bibliography The system collects important traditional bibliographies and makes their classificatory structures more explicit and navigable. The explicitness and navigability help to realize the intended functionalities of classification—organizing books according to a knowledge system (an ideology) and, in turn, guiding users in their pursuit of knowledge (learning). Each work can be then traced according to its classification in every bibliography, providing an alternative method to examine the perceptions and interpretations of the work, or a group of works, over different times.
※Some databases and indexes have restrictions on access. For questions about access and terms of use, please contact Ms. Chien Fan-wen (ext. 642). ※Databases with access restricted to Academia Sinica have been moved to the internal section of the IHP’s website.
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