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1) The website has been designed with accessibility in mind, and uses accesskeys to make browsing more convenient. The page is divided into four main frames: the function links frame at the top, the navigation links frame at the top, the contents navigation menu on the left, and finally the information frame and contents frame in the center of the homepage.

2) The following accesskeys have been assigned:

  • Alt+U: Go to the top frame, which contains links for FAQ, Sitemap, Webmail, Chinese, and Search.
  • Alt+L: Content left navigation block, this block at the top of the page when the navigation links click navigation content options after rendering times.
  • Alt+C:Central content area, home in this block are presented in accordance with the identity of visitors to the different sub-general visitors, researchers, executives and other key elements of the latest content. others within the main content of each page is rendered pages.
  • Alt+S: Quick Search.
Note: Use Alt for Internet Explorer accesskeys, and Shift+Alt for Firefox.

3) The general structure of the site is as follows:

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