::: * Corresponding and Adjunct Research Fellows
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*    Adjunct Research Fellows
Name Areas of Research Affiliation
Kuan-chung Huang History of the Southern Song, Political and Military History of the Song Dynasty, Socio-cultural History of the Song Dynasty, Textual Criticism and Bibliography, Later Imperial China's Relations with Korea IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Pak-yuen Liu History of Han Dynasty Political Systems IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Hsiao-t' i Li Socio-cultural History of the Ming and Qing Dynasties IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Hon-wai Ho Economic History of Modern China IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Su-ching Lin Warring States Period Writings (Paleography), Bamboo and Wooden Slip Inscriptions IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Shu-fen Liu History of the Six Dynasties Period, History of Chinese Cities IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Tseng-kuei Liu Social History of the Qin and Han Dynasties and the Six Dynasties Period IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Hung-sen Chen History of the Study of Chinese Classics, Academic History of the Qing Dynasty, Philology IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Che-mao Tsai Oracle Bone Inscriptions, Bronze Inscriptions IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Chao-jung Chen Chinese Paleography IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Yi-chang Liu Settlement Archaeology, Taiwan Archaeology IHP Research Fellow (Resigned to serve as a university professor)
Cheng-yun Liu Social History of the Ming and Qing Dynasties IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
Chuan-ying Yen Fine Arts Archaeology IHP Research Fellow (Retired)
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