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Update: 2013.03.18
Frank Muyard Name: Frank Muyard
Position: Taipei Office Director, EFEO
Areas of Research:
Visiting Period: 106.1.1~ Sponsor:
Room / Call: (M)706/ ext.177 Affiliation:
Chen nai hua Name: Chen nai hua
Areas of Research:
Visiting Period: 108.10.1~109.9.30 Sponsor: Ming-ke Wang
Room / Call: (M)614/ ext.264 Affiliation:
Chen-Yu Hsieh Name: Chen-Yu Hsieh
Position: Professor, Political Science Department, Soochow University
Areas of Research: Constitution, Modern Cross Taiwan Strait Political Thoughts, Political Party and Election, Leisure Culture
Visiting Period: 109.8.1~110.7.31 Sponsor: Fan-sen Wang
Room / Call: (M)610/ ext.258 Affiliation:
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