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Shu-Jiun Chen
Shu-Jiun Chen
Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Tel: 02-26523163
Email: sophy@sinica.edu.tw

* Academic Experience

2012, Ph.D., Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University

Current and Previous Positions:

2016.1- , Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
2013.2- , Executive Secretary, Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures
2013.9- , Adjunct Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Library & Information Studies National Taiwan Normal University

2014.1-2015.12, Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

2013.7-2013.9, Visiting scholar, Getty Research Institute, USA
2013.2-2016.1, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information and Library Science, Tamkang University
2009.10-2013.12, Assistant Research Specialist, Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica

* Publications
Dissertation ▼
  1. 陳淑君(2012)。索引典的中英詞彙語義對應之研究:以中國藝術領域為例。未出版之博士論文,國立臺灣大學圖書資訊學研究所。
  2. Chen, S.J. (1997). An Investigation into the Availability and Use of Biomedical Full Text Electronic Journals. Master Thesis, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK.
  3. Chen, S.J. (1996). The Development of Electronic Document Delivery in Britain: Implications of EDD in Taiwan. Diploma Thesis, The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, London, UK.


Journal Articles ▼
  1. Chen, S.J. (2019). Semantic enrichment of linked personal authority data: a case study of elites in late imperial China. Knowledge Organization, 46(8), 607-614.

  2. Chen, S.J. (2019). Semantic enrichment of linked archival materials. Knowledge Organization, 46(7), 530-547. DOI:10.5771/0943-7444-2019-7-530. (SSCI)

  3. 陳淑君、王祥安、凌宇謙 (2019)。以國際圖像互通架構為方法的佛教石窟與圖像之數位呈現、閱覽及標註。數位典藏與數位人文,3, 63-100。

  4. Zeng, M.L., & Chen, S.J. (2018). Knowledge organization and cultural heritage in the Semantic Web – A review of a conference and a special journal issue of JLIS. DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly, 12(1).

  5. 陳淑君 (2017)。鏈結資料於數位典藏之研究:以畫家陳澄波為例。圖書館學與資訊科學,43(1),71-96。

  6. 陳淑君、江婉綾 (2016)。數位藝術史研究系統的功能需求之環境掃描。圖書館學與資訊科學,42(2),65-81。

  7. Chen, S.J., Zeng, M.L. & Chen, H.H. (2013). Alignment of conceptual structures in controlled vocabularies in the domain of Chinese art: a discussion of issues and patterns. International Journal on Digital Libraries, 17(1), 23-38.

  8. 陳淑君、陳雪華(2015)。中國藝術領域的中英控制詞彙語意對應。圖書資訊學刊,13(2),161-208。

  9. 陳淑君、城菁汝、陳雪華 (2013)。探索數位典藏的詮釋資料與索引典之多語化。圖書與資訊學刊,5(2),49-72。

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Book Chapters ▼
  1. Zeng, M. L., & Chen, S. J. (2018). Derivative interpretation of biographical sketches (bios) supporting innovative information. In Challenges and Opportunities for Knowledge Organization in the Digital Age, pp. 549-556. Ergon-Verlag.

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Conference Papers ▼
  1. Chen, S.J. (2019). Semantic Enrichment of Linked Personal Authority Data: A Case Study of Elites in Late Imperial China. Paper presented at The Sixth biennial ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization) UK Chapter Conference (City University, London, July 15-16, 2019).

  2. 陳淑君 (2019)語義互通視域中的亞洲佛教藝術圖典與知識庫之建構發表於「敦煌(DH2019年)文化遺產數位化國際研討會暨中國社會科學情報學會數字人文專委會學術年會」(敦煌:敦煌研究院201972-9日)。

  3. Chen, S.J. (2019). Methodological Considerations for Developing English-Chinese Bilingual Art & Architecture Thesaurus. Paper presented at The International Workshop & Symposium on Annotation and Translation of Traditional Chinese Architecture Terminology (Southeast University, Nanjing, China, June 1-6, 2019).

  4. 陳淑君 (2019)。國際圖像互通架構(IIIF)在簡牘資料庫之設計。發表於「2018年度第三回國際討論會-木簡研究資源的開放式資料轉換研究計畫」(奈良:奈良文化財研究所,2019319-20日)。

  5. Chen, S.J. (2019). Linked Data for Digital Scholarship: The Cases of Chinese Rare Books and Chinese Personal Names & Biographies in Academia Sinica. Paper presented at The Symposium "Linked Data and the Semantic Web: Current Trends and Opportunities" (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, March 4, 2019).

  6. 陳淑君、王祥安、凌宇謙 (2018)。以國際圖像互通架構為方法的佛教石窟與圖像之數位呈現與閱覽,收入法鼓文理學院編,第九屆數位典藏與數位人文國際研討會論文集(頁55-75)。新北市:法鼓文理學院。

  7. Chen, S.J. (2018). Linked Open Data for Digital Humanities: A Case of the Database of Names and Biographies (DNB). Paper presented at The PNC 2018 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings (Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, San Francisco, October 27-30, 2018).

  8. 陳淑君 (2018)。人物傳記資料的視覺化及語意化。發表於「2018臺灣歷史人物傳記資料庫(TBDB)工作坊」(台北:台灣師範大學,2018829日)。

  9. Chen, S.J. (2018). Framing Digital Research Environment in Academia Sinica of Taiwan. Paper presented at The 3rd International Workshop on the Academic Asset Preservations and Sharing in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, August 23-24, 2018).

  10. 陳淑君 (2018)。圖像材料的語意網與互通標準:以鏈結開放資料與國際圖像互通架構在數位人文學運用為例。發表於「中國歷史研究的網絡基礎設施國際研討會」(上海:哈佛上海中心,2018314-16日)。

  11. 陳淑君 (2017)。應用潘諾夫斯基的理論於使用者對藝術圖像「屬於」與「關於」之感知研究,發表於國立政治大學主辦,「圖書資訊學專題計畫成果發表暨研究發展趨勢研討會」(台北:科技部2017128日)。

  12. 陳淑君 (2017)。從資料庫到知識庫:探索藝術史系統的典範轉移。發表於「共再生的記憶:重建臺灣藝術史學研討會暨論壇」(台:國立臺灣美術館,20171118-19日)。

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Other Writings ▼
  1. 陳淑君(2015)。建構以鏈結資料為基礎的藝術史數位研究環境(行政院科技部專題研究計畫成果報告,MOST103-2420-H-001-009)。臺北市:中央研究院台灣史研究所。


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