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New Series 17, 1972 Volume: New Series 17, 1972
出版日期: 1972/

Volume Volume 17 , part 1, 1972

  • K'uang Heng and the Reform of religious practices (31 B.C.)
    by Michael Loewe
  • Budhist Terminology in Sogdian: A Glossary
    by D.N. MacKenzie
  • Reviews and Notices of Books

Volume Volume 17 , part 2, 1972

  • Later Mohist Treatises on ethics and logic reconstructed from the Ta-Ch'ü chapter of Mo-Tzü
    by A. C. Graham
  • Kûkai's Sokushin-Jôbutsu-gi
    by H. Inagaki
  • Tibetan lh- and hr- in alternation with other Initial Consonantal Clusters, or with Simple Initial l- and r-
    by Walter Simon
  • Reviews and Notices of Books

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