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Volume 29, 2016 Volume: Volume 29, 2016
出版日期: 2016/

Volume Volume 29, part 1, 2016

  • Table of Contents
  • A Reassessment of the Early History of Chinese Buddhist Vegetarianism

    by Eric M. Greene
  • Sima Guang’s (1019–1086) Thoughts on Death Rituals
    by Mihwa Choi
  • Targeting the Readership for a Ming Publication: “Comprehensiveness” in the Construction of the Compendium for the Expert Physiognomist
    by Mei Chun
  • The Theater and the Crowd: Jiangnan Performance Culture and Regional Identity in the Ming
    by Victoria Cass

Volume Volume 29, part 2, 2016

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction

    by Michael D.K. Ing & Alexus Mcleod
  • Beyond Liu Xiang’s Gaze: Debating Womanly Virtue in Ancient China
    by Sarah A. Queen
  • Jia Yi on the Management of the Populace
    by Charles Sanft
  • “Only Jade Can Epitomize Human Virtue”: Ideas on Education and Moral Development in Han-Period China
    by Judson B. Murray
  • Wang Chong’s Epistemology of Testimony
    by Esther Sunkyung Klein & Colin Klein

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